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Thank you for looking at my website, if you are looking for a counsellor, please get in touch as I offer a free introduction session where we can meet and talk about what you would like me to help you with.


call: 07703 027 454

If you leave a message I will usually be able to come back to you the same day.


My Approach

When seeking to work with a counsellor it can be a difficult choice, to pick someone out from a photo on a website and to start building a very close trusting relationship.

My ethos is one which is perhaps not typical in counselling, I work from a very strong commitment to your own instinct, your intrinsic knowing what is right for you and I work really hard to not apply rules and constraints to that. This is a guiding principle in all aspects of my counselling,  I offer a space for you to be your true self, to hold that space with safety and respect, and this allows us to take on the problem you want to work with.  In my experience the space is therapeutic, by spending the time in this safe environment you will find positive changes can come forward.

Having said that, I’m not a silent partner in the session, I will support you and I will challenge you, as part of working out where you are and what the next step for you is. I say it is like having a personal trainer, you have to do all the hard work, but my role is to help you hit your goals, by being there with you and committing to helping you when perhaps you aren’t at your best and need a cheerleader for you.

If you are unsure whether my approach fits with you, I am relaxed, open and straightforward, if you have questions – please ask! The first session is free, so we can start to get to know each other and discuss what you are looking to achieve in therapy and tell me how I can help.

For readers who are interested in more details of my approach, I follow a humanistic and Person Centred model, based on the work of Carl Rogers, but also heavily influenced by my own lived experience of mental health and well being.

About Me

I completed my training and become a Counsellor with the BACP in 2013; during my training I was lucky enough to work on placement at As You Are Centre and LGBT Switchboard; after graduation I continued to volunteer with these organisations  because I really support their models of working at low-cost.

I enjoy working with a diverse range of clients, I identify as cisgender male and gay; my experience in the LGBTQ+ community has allowed me the privilege of working a lot with LGBTQ+ clients; and I offer a safe space for anyone who feel that a gay therapist maybe best for them.

I work with all the different issues which people find them seeking counselling and offer a supportive working relationship where we can find a path through the issues you are facing.


Individual sessions are 50 minutes in duration and cost £40.

I offer reduced priced sessions at £25 for people who would not be able to access help at the full price, however these are time limited to 12 weeks.